Covid 19 Emergency Hospital

Covid-19 has reached Africa, and it is only a matter of time before the epidemic surges. With the African healthcare
system woefully ill-prepared, there is no doubt that emergency hospitals will need to be erected to deal with the
mass infections that are inevitable on the continent. Unlike China however, Africa lacks the economic strength,
construction capability or technical competence to complete a large hospital project in just 10 days.

We will need a fast, economical and effective means of erecting temporary facilities to house the sick and dying.
Our solution is to prefabricate everything that will be necessary to erect on site in a factory and ship the entire
hospital to the area in need. Trucks will be able to transport the hospital to any location in Africa and erection
shouldn’t take more than a day or two to erect a 30 bed hospital complete with beds and equipment. The modules
are infinitely expandable and can be extended even after the first POD has been erected.